The Service

Discover how Neptune Data easily integrates with your unique technology needs.

Multi-channel integration into your core workflows

Neptune is the most versatile fixed income platform for data access. You can choose from a number of connection methods:

  • Neptune Web Application
    For the richest experience when accessing the most reliable source of FI pre-trade data.
  • API
    FIX connectivity ensures you get Neptune data into your data platforms reliably and quickly. We also support Rest API.
  • OMS/EMS Integrations
    Neptune is integrated to almost all of the industries order management platforms.
  • Drop Copy
    Regular data drops to you via FTP/SSH
  • AWS
    Secure transfer via the Amazon Web Services Cloud

The Web Application

  • Your dashboard allows users to view real time axe data, providing advanced search options and live actionable pricing.
  • Quickly learn the market landscape through how many dealers are stacked on the buy/sell sides
  • Track axe message history intraday and historically using our Axe History chart
  • Monitor the market skew on a given instrument
  • Find bonds in a multitude of ways, including new issuance and ESG criteria

Create custom portfolios to monitor

Create dynamically updating watchlists to receive fully customisable alerts when new axe data is received.

Looking for market insight?

Use the Analytics page to provide an intraday view of notional and axe counts by bid/ask, asset class and sector, or by other data points in the search panel. Identify the most liquid bonds based on the attributes selected, notional and number of axes or take a look back at a previous days data using the historical date filter.

Global support, always available

Our Support team are available 24hrs 5 days a week with liquidity providers streaming data throughout the global time zones.