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Neptune Networks

At Neptune Networks, we deliver high-quality bond market data from Sell-Side banks to Buy-Side clients. Our technology enables real-time connectivity between banks and investors which leads to meaningful conversations, satisfying the immediate requirements of each party and ultimately, increasing trade volumes.

We are uniquely positioned in the marketplace, as we have bilateral commitment from Buy-Side and Sell-Side, including representatives of each sitting on our board.

Our Mission

To deliver the most accurate, timely data, which both informs and connects the bond market

  • Our Vision
    Our vision is to become the destination for all bond market stakeholders, enhancing reliable, relevant, insight-enabled relationships between Buy-Side Investors and Sell-Side Banks.
  • Our Values
  • Our Customers
    Over 80 Global Buy-Side firms, collectively managing in excess of $50 Trillion in AUM, are using Neptune across various locations, primarily in the U.S. Europe and U.K. They do so, to access the highest quality data from 31 of the leading fixed income dealers, totalling 79 connections via one access point.

Our history

Founded 2016

Neptune was created as a unique collaboration between the Sell-Side and Buy-Side, to bring to market a vendor that was focused more on delivering the highest quality data from and to clients than owning and repurposing that information.

Neptune commenced in July 2016 with the 16 original Bank shareholders (now 19) and a handful of Buy-Side firms and has now grown to almost 30 dealers with 65 Buy-Side firms across the U.K., Europe and the U.S. managing $30.9 trillion in global AUM. Whilst Credit was the core focus in 2016, Neptune has expanded in to other fixed income asset classes including Rates and Emerging Markets.

Who we work with

Participating Dealers


Neptune is currently in the process of building a market leading composite in partnership with a number of technology, quantitative and market data partners. The composite will initially focus on European and U.S. Credit (IG & HY) but will expand to include Rates and Emerging Markets. Unlike other composites on the market we will leverage our core strengths in axes and transparency to add value to market participants. More news to follow.

Meet the team

Neptune has a highly experienced and diverse team.

Our team collectively brings a wealth of experience and cumulative years in the Fixed Income markets, with backgrounds ranging from Sell-Side, Buy-Side, IDB to Data/eTrading vendors and technology. The team is located between our London HQ and New York with further team members and locations to follow. Feel free to get in touch with any of the team to learn more about Neptune.


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