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Embrace real-time connectivity between Sell-Side dealers and Buy-Side investors

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What is Neptune?

Data delivered

Neptune is a data connectivity network, supplying the highest quality pre-trade bond & SN CDS data (axes and inventory) from the Sell-Side to the Buy-Side via FIX workflows.

Our technology enables real-time connectivity between banks and investors which leads to meaningful conversations, satisfying the immediate requirements of each party and ultimately, increasing trade volumes.

The Service

See the future

Step away from the spreadsheet as we deliver the most accurate, timely data, which both informs and connects the bond market. Have this data delivered direct to your core workflow tools (OMS, EMS or via API).

Why Neptune?

Neptune delivers targeted, high quality data, directly from dealers into your core workflow tools.

  • Real-time
    Real-time, structured and standardised connectivity means reduction of “noise” and inaccurate data.
  • Ease of Connectivity
    The use of FIX allows for ease of connectivity via API, OMS/EMS or via our own GUI.
  • Governance
    Ability to participate in Neptune’s governance and future evolution via the Buy-Side Advisory Group and Buy-Side Board representation.
  • Enhance Relationships
    We exist only to enhance Buy-Side and Sell-Side relationships by making enquiries and trading more targeted, reducing information leakage and allowing for more precise best execution.
  • Highest Quality
    Highest quality, pre-trade bond data available via one-connection, from the leading Sell-Side market makers in fixed income.
  • Team
    Highly experienced team behind Neptune, based in Europe and the U.S., with backgrounds on the Buy-Side, Sell-Side, IDBs, data/eTrading vendors and technology.

Neptune in numbers

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Currencies supported

Collaborative governance for the good of the industry

Neptune is a technology utility that is uniquely governed by a collaboration of banks and investors, with the aim to enhance the Buy-Side and Sell-Side relationship dynamic for the benefit of the overall market.