Better numbers: How desks can improve their data skills

Better numbers: How desks can improve their data skills

22 Apr 2022

New skills or new traders?

It has become commonplace for non-technology staff to learn at least the basics of coding in certain languages that can support trading, but this does not mean they are stepping in to manage technology directly.

“It really begins with buy side firms investing and committing to technology, because that’s going to determine what type of buy side traders they are really going to need and use,” says John Robinson, CEO of Neptune. “They are not necessarily data scientists, but they are very fluent in data. They need access to data, to centralise it, optimise it and then analyse it. Buy-side traders have to be able to do all four of those things. It gives them the resources for pre trade data to build portfolios, to access liquidity just in a timely and efficient manner. One client that I spoke with has now four buy side traders and eight quant’s on his team.”


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