Sharpening the axe: Neptune sees expanding opportunity for buy- and sell-side.

Buy-side firms are consuming more data than ever and Neptune is well placed to ensure quality and reliability of axes are elevated.


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The Desk’s annual Trading Intentions Survey has demonstrated strong growth in Neptune adoption. This is a survey of global buy-side clients and the systems they use and intend to use in the near future. It is an endorsement of Neptune’s approach and encouraging given a challenging 2020. It is also an indication of the impact of the new hires to the firm over the past six-months.

Key quotes from the survey include:

“Neptune, as the most commonly used standalone pre-trade data source (i.e. being unconnected to a trading venue), saw its overall user base increase by seven percentage points.”

Under User confidence in platforms: “Neptune was the most successful platform outside of the big three.”

The full survey is available on The Desk’s site here.